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Planning to Action: Climate Toolkit (PACT)

Throwe Environmental has adapted and expanded the existing US Climate Toolkit to support its broad range of SNEP Network technical assistance projects. This new resource, called the Planning to Action: Climate Toolkit (PACT), guides communities through the process of turning climate planning into sustainable financing of on-the-ground projects—all while ensuring the necessary community engagement and resilience priorities are in place to support meaningful change. PACT was developed for use in and throughout the duration of the SNEP Network technical assistance projects in Bourne, MA and Portsmouth, RI

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Additional Resources:

• LEARN about the EPA R1 Soak Up the Rain webinar highlighting the SNEP projects in Portsmouth, RI and Bourne, MA

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Portsmouth, RI

Throwe Environmental is developing PACT to support Portsmouth in the determination of resilience capital improvement priorities and the creation of a comprehensive climate action and financing strategy. Learn more

Bourne, MA

Throwe Environmental used PACT to help identified priority assets and infrastructure in Phase 1 of SNEP technical assistance to Bourne. In Phase 2, we’ve developed PACT to help support the exploration of sustainable financing recommendations and overall project implementation.  Learn more