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Project Description

Throwe Environmental serves as Field Liaisons for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s (NFWF) National Coastal Resilience Fund (NCRF), which covers the entire coastal US (incl. Great Lakes) and five major US Territories. 

NCRF awards approx. $140 million annually to enhance communities’ natural defenses against severe weather and flooding. To date, NCRF has awarded more than $277 million in funding to properties, critical facilities, and infrastructure in coastal watersheds and habitats nationwide.

As Field Liaisons, we provide assistance to communities wanting to invest in climate resilience within the NCRF framework. Throwe provides capacity to Tribes, states, communities, and organizations that need direct assistance with project proposals.

We with the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society (NAFWS) and the American Society of Adaptation Professionals (ASAP) to provide Field Liaison services nationally. NAFWS brings unparalleled experience advancing the natural resource goals of indigenous communities. ASAP operates an expansive network of adaptation leaders, with a deep library of training tools and resources to draw on.

Project Team

Chris Cortina
Project Management
Joanne Throwe
Outreach (West, PNW, Islands)
Mark Belton
Outreach (Military Communities)
Kyle Gray
Outreach (Great Lakes, East Coast)
Justin Giffee
Outreach (Support)
Native American Fish and Wildlife Society
Outreach (Tribal communities)
American Society of Adaptation Professionals
The flock of white american ibises fishing in the Galveston bay and refkecting in the water
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Building a 2024 Proposal

What to Know

FUNDING. Approx. $140M available in 2024. $100K-$1M for planning, design, and permitting projects. $1M-$10M for implementation projects.

DUAL BENEFITS. All projects must demonstrate community resilience and fish and wildlife habitat benefits in terms of reducing coastal hazards (e.g., sea-level rise, flooding, lake-level change, erosion, etc.). 

NATURE-BASED SOLUTIONS. Projects must focus on natural, nature-based, or hybrid solutions (e.g., restoring coastal marshes, reconnecting floodplains, rebuilding natural buffers, installing living shorelines, etc.).

FIELD LIAISONS. We’re partnering with the Native American Fish and Wildlife Society to support Indigenous applicants pursuing funding. Questions? Email


The 2024 NCRF Request for Proposals is now open. Have a project idea? Read the RFP and contact your Field Liaisons at Team Throwe!

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