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Project Description

Throwe Environmental serves as the Field Liaison for the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s (NFWF) Northeast Grant Programs, including the Long Island Sound Futures Fund (LISFF). Since 2005, the LISFF has awarded approx. $42M in grant funding in projects to improve water quality, restore the natural environment, and engage and inform communities about the importance of a healthy Long Island Sound. 

As Field Liaisons, Throwe Environmental’s work on the LISFF supports potential grantees in the Upper Basin states of the Sound’s watershed (MA, NH, VT and non-coastal CT) as they develop project proposals. As of 2023, Throwe is partnering with New England Consulting, Inc. to offer services intended to support agricultural applicants. Together, the Field Liaison team promotes awareness of the funding opportunity and provides technical support as applicants develop nitrogen prevention/reduction planning, design, or implementation project proposals in the Upper Basin.

Project Team

Chris Cortina
Project Management
Joanne Throwe
Outreach (LISFF - VT)
Kyle Gray
Outreach (LISFF - CT)
Mark Belton
Outreach (LISFF - NH)
Kimberly Groff
Outreach (LISFF - MA)
Justin Giffee
Outreach (Support)
New England Consulting Services
Outreach (Ag Sector)
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Building a 2024 Proposal

What to Know

NITROGEN, NITROGEN, NITROGEN. Projects in the Upper Basin (VT, NH, MA) should focus on nitrogen pollution prevention/reduction. CT applicants can also submit nature-based resilience projects.

AG FIELD LIAISONS. We’re partnering with New England Consulting Services to support applicants pursuing funding for agricultural projects. Questions? Email

PROPOSAL LABS. Potential applicants can book a Proposal Lab with our team — either as a follow-up to a NFWF Proposal Lab or as a first step — where our team can provide 1-on-1 help developing project ideas.


The 2024 LISFF Request for Proposals is now open. Have a project idea? Read the RFP and contact your Field Liaisons at Team Throwe!

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