Throwe Env. & SNEP Network Launch “The Leadership Exchange Podcast”

Throwe Environmental, in partnership with EPA R1’s Southeast New England Program (SNEP) Network, is proud to launch “The Leadership Exchange Podcast” in tandem with the Network’s Climate Leadership Exchange webinar series.  The first season of “The Leadership Exchange Podcast” is set to feature the Town of Wareham, Massachusetts, along with several regional and national case studies on climate resilience. 

Click here to listen to the introductory episode of “The Leadership Exchange Podcast”

Join us Fall/Winter 2020-21 as we welcome the first community selected to participate in the SNEP Network Climate Leadership Exchange: the Town of Wareham, MA. Through the Exchange, The Network will bring together leaders from around the country to engage with Wareham as the Town plans for future redevelopment in Downtown Wareham Village. Our conversations will incorporate elements of climate resilience, stormwater management, green infrastructure, innovative financing, and smart growth as we discuss Wareham’s goals for waterfront redevelopment.

While the Exchange itself will occur over the course of our Fall/Winter webinar series (the first Wednesday of each month from Oct. 2020 to Jan. 2021), each webinar is paired with an accompanying podcast episode where we take a deeper look at the communities joining us for the webinars. The Leadership Exchange Podcast shares some truly compelling stories from communities across the country as we hear from the leaders who have been on-the-ground paving the way for climate leadership. Listen to The Leadership Exchange Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.






Featured Episode: Warwick, RI & RIPTA



Kickoff Episode: Lancaster & Provincetown



Season One Introduction: Wareham, MA

S1|E0: Introduction


Season 1 Trailer